Job Schipper – SEAWISER

Dear Customers, Stakeholders and Industry Partners,

We want to announce a change in collaboration between our founder Job Schipper and Hortimare B.V.

Because Job is more and more involved in large funded projects all over the world, that are not limited to the core business of Hortimare, we have decided that we should work under separate names and entity. We trust that this decision will give Job more room to put his vision and extensive experience into practice, without being limited by the operational focus at Hortimare.

Job will operate as independent seaweed consultant under the name SEAWISER. Inquiries can be addressed to His telephone number is +31 6 29 23 78 45.

Although we work in separate companies, we will collaborate on mutual opportunities as we share our vision on seaweed farming in the future; sustainable, professional and at a large scale!