Catalyzing seaweed’s potential

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Why Seaweed?

Our drive is to make sea-based large scale and land based controlled farming of different seaweed species successful, and reap all the benefits seaweed has on ocean health, carbon sequestration, food supply, human health and the replacing of oil based products. Our mission is to catalyze the necessary developments to realise this potential and create sustainable-, environmental- and social impact worldwide.

Why Hortimare?

We build on science to support the seaweed industry. Our expertise in breeding and propagation enables the delivery of high quality starting material of diverse species. This goes hand in hand with our support on seeding methods, data collection, hatchery technology and quality control, to ensure predictable and consistent outcomes.

Together with professional partners throughout the process chain, from global research institutes on one end to the industry on the other end, we collaborate closely to build up a successful seaweed industry.