Catalyzing seaweed’s potential

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Seaweed’s potential

Our drive is to make seaweed farming successful and reap all the benefits seaweed has on ocean health, food security, human health and the replacement of petroleum-based products. Our mission is to catalyze the necessary developments to realise this potential and thereby create environmental and social impact worldwide.

Why Hortimare?

We build on science to support the seaweed industry. This approach helps to ensure a reliable supply of starting material (seeds) and expertise in seeding methods. We collaborate and continually improve seeding methods, data collection, hatchery technology and quality control. On the long term, we aim to apply lessons from the successful cultivation of common seaweed species to complete the lifecycle of more rare and valuable varieties, reducing reliance on wild harvesting for their supply.

The only way to build up a thriving and sustainable seaweed sector is by doing it together. We partner up with experts from research institutes to industry players across the production chain. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for collaborations.