Hortimare is focused on getting the seaweed industry going and growing.

As the seaweed industry is growing, many farmers are looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to start up, scale up and optimize their seaweed farm. We at Hortimare understand the challenges that they are facing based upon the knowledge we built up over the past years. We participated in many (subsidy) projects (both in EU and Norway) and shared our insights with entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes to build up the seaweed business chain.

Hortimare has more than 10 years of experience in establishing mooring and cultivation systems, the utilisation of various substrates, mechanisation, seeding and harvesting techniques, post-harvesting processing and taking the seaweed to the (right) market.

Next to bio-technological consultancy assignments, we also provide professional services in obtaining licences for concessions, performing desk studies and applying for permits or subsidy projects. All of these services are provided by Hortimare Projects & Consultancy B.V.


  • Seeding Advice / Support
  • Harvesting Advice / Support
  • Ensilage / Processing
  • Support in obtaining licences & applying for permits or subsidy projects

Our Business & Technology Advisor

Hortimare Projects & Consultancy B.V. is run by Job Schipper, founder of Hortimare B.V., who is currently fully dedicated to supporting the seaweed industry by providing the above mentioned professional services. Requesting his services starts by filling out the contact form here below. Job will get in touch with you and assess your requirements and wishes in an introduction call or meeting for a maximum of one hour (free of charge). Subsequently you will receive an offer by e-mail. Are you interested in the services of Hortimare Projects & Consultancy B.V.? Fill out the form below!

E: Job Schipper T: +31 6 29 23 78 45

Long term experience, practical knowledge, optimism, an enormous passion and drive for seaweed, is why our consultancy makes you successful.

Job Schipper, Business & Technology Advisor, Hortimare Projects & Consultancy B.V.