A Sustainable Future

A sustainable future with seaweed.

At Hortimare we believe that sustainable and circular approaches are the only possible future for our planet. The global demand for food and industrial raw materials is growing fast and subsequently the pressure on land by extensive agriculture and exhausting raw materials will increase, causing ecological disasters and political instability.

Seaweed can be a realistic alternative for land-based products in many ways once we learn to scale up production at sea. Seaweed is already used in various food and feed applications as well as other industries.

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Industries that already use seaweed
– Food industry (a.o. in tooth paste, chocolate milk and yoghurt as thickener)
– Feed industry (supplements for cattle and pets)
– Paint industry (thickener)
– Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics (a.o. medication, dietairy pills)

A sustainable future with seaweed.

Sustainability starts with collaboration, trust and honesty

Haik van Exel, Managing Director, Hortimare B.V.