A Sustainable Future

A Sustainable Future

To really catalyze the potential of seaweed, collaboration with professional partners is essential to move forward.

Collaboration initiatives

We are working together with Greener Grazing to develop large scale farming of Asparagopsis spp. in Vietnam. This is essential to further explore the large untapped potential of this seaweed to reduce methane emissions in cattle by up to 90%. We support the project with lifecycle research and share our experience on how to succesfully improve attachment, growth and achieve predictable yields.

With Greenwave in the USA we work closely together to provide farmers reliable high quality starting material, which is sourced and propogated locally. We collaborate to build the right infastucture to grow a sustainable seaweed sector in north america.

In Chile, the project ‘Huiro Regenerativo’  was established to build on many years of local experience by adding new technologies to the cultivation of already valuable seaweed species. This technology is introduced to aliviate the pressure from wild harvesting, and begin to introduce farmed seaweeds into the market. This alternative approach gives more economic perspective for local communities, while silmataneously having positive social and environmental impact.

Kelp Blue began in Namibia and strive to have global impact by establishing operations around the world. We have worked closely with Kelp Blue to support them in their vision to re-wild the oceans by supporting their hatchery team with seed supply and technology.

We are thankful for all of our collaborations and continue to support farming initiatives throughout the world, to help them reach their goals.

Sustainability starts with collaboration, trust and honesty.

To get a good understanding of the current market opportunities please have a look at The Global Market Projection.