A Sustainable Future

A Sustainable Future

Seaweed has been cultivated for decades already in Asia. Also in Chile wild harvested seaweed species have found their way to many markets. Our challenge in Europe, the US and many other countries outside Asia, is to add value to this existing market. To find not only a healthy business case for seaweed farmers in the new areas, but also solve real bioremediation-, climate, migration and food challenges.

We already showed that seaweed can be a realistic add on or alternative for land-based products in many ways. To catalyze the potential of seaweed, collaboration with professional partners is essential to move forward.

Science have proven already that Asparagopsis spp can reduce methane emissions in ruminants with 90%. We are working with Greener Grazing together to control this species and make large scale farming possible.

With Greenwave in the US we work closely together to support the mission of “ Breathing life back into our planet”, by optimizing yields and support farmers with high quality starting material.

In the project ‘Huiro Regenerativo’  in Chile we are building on many years of local experience and adding new technology to catalyze the potential of cultivation and creating social and environmental impact.

We are supporting great farming initiatives through out the world to help them reach their goals and create the impact they envisioned.

Sustainability starts with collaboration, trust and honesty.

To get a good understanding of the current market opportunities please have a look at The Global Market Projection.