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Propagating Seaweed for a Sustainable Future

Seaweed for a sustainable future


At Hortimare we believe that sustainable and circular approaches are the only possible future

for our planet.


The global demand for food in general and for high quality proteins specific is growing.

Subsequently the pressure on land by extensive agriculture rises, causing ecological disasters.


In answer Hortimare developed efficient, circular and sustainable concepts of aquaculture where

seaweeds are the renewable and eco-neutral sources of marine proteins and the floating seaweed production field developes into a biodiverse, stabilising ecosystem supporting sustainable salmon farming.


By producing seaweeds (macro algae) next to salmon farms in the Norwegian fjords the high levels of

phosphorous and nitrogen can be reduced while providing a habitat for predators of salmon lice.

This is a perfect circular system: we grow seaweed using the by-products of salmon farming and

produce seaweeds rich in marine proteins, to be used in salmon-feed, whilst reducing the

salmon lice pressure, reducing the use of pesticides. Thus we provide a service to salmon farmers while

ensuring a constant flow of sustainably produced high value algae derived marine proteins.


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