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Hortimare is focused on getting the seaweed industry going and growing.

We deliver starting material, but also provide professional advice about seeding and harvesting techniques, processing the seaweed after harvesting and getting the seaweed on the (right) market.

Also help obtaining licences for concessions is a service we are able to offer to you.


Please indicate whether you are requestion our services for harvesting or seeding techniques, application of licences, processing seaweed or any other special wishes you may have. We will get in touch with you at our earliest convenience.




  • Seeding Advice / Support
  • Harvesting Advice / Support
  • Ensilage / Processing
  • Support in obtaining licences

"Long term experience, practical knowledge, optimism, an enormous passion and drive for seaweed is why our consultancy makes you successful"

Haik van Exel

Managing Director

Hortimare BV

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Job Schipper

Business Development Advisor

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Breeding & Propagating Seaweed

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