Breeding for Successful Varieties

Breeding for

successfull Varieties

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Breeding for successfull Varieties

The long term focus of Hortimare is supplying the right varieties of seaweed to build up a sustainable business that can compete with land based agriculture.

This breeding program is an expensive and time consuming challenge. Hortimare collaborates closely with the best research institutes of the world to be able to manage all the challenges.

The species that are involved in the research program are Brown, Red and Green macro algae.


Our Reseach Department is always interested in your wishes with respect to desired varieties. In case you have specific needs, please leave your details and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience


Our favourite species:

  • Saccharina latissima
  • Alaria esculenta
  • Ulva lactuca
  • Palmaria palmata
  • Laminaria digitata

“our goal is to develop and deliver robust varieties with better yields that perform under changing environmental conditions”

Jos Heldens

Teamleader Research

Hortimare BV

Getting in touch with our R&D Department:

Jos Heldens - Teamleader R&D


Breeding & Propagating Seaweed

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